Our Team


We're a family and we treat our clients like they're a part of our family.  I really think what our clients like the most about us is the amount of attention they get.  They know we're on the job because they hear from us frequently.  It's important to me because I want them to feel informed and I want them to make smart decisions about their money.  We feel a deep commitment to work together to help our clients accumulate, protect and transfer wealth.



Shelley Fife, Business Manager- shelley@dscottfife.com  Shelley holds a computer science degree from Brigham Young University and has over 35 years experience in the financial industry as management and a customer service professional.  Shelley ensures that our office operations run smoothly and specializes in solving complex matters such as transaction research and investment cost reports.  In addition to proving excellent service and support to both client and advisor, Shelley is also appointed as a Notary Public for the State of Washington.  Within her church, she is an active member of the Relief Society and teaches Sunday School to the youth.  Shelley enjoys being outside in her garden any day it is not raining.



 Ashley Eldridge, Office Assistant- ashley@dscottfife.com  Ashley has returned to work in our office after  working in the restaurant industry and in compliance and quality control for Plexus Worldwide. She holds two degrees, one in catering/banquets and food service/production.  Ashley enjoys cooking, her dogs - Daisey and Minnie and being with family. Ashley's experience in compliance and quality control as well as in the service industry is a valuable asset as she provides friendly customer service and support for our clients.